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Need a caffeine Fix?


BR Coffee Bean Cluster-19

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To our incredible community, you’re the reason we do what we do. With overflowing gratitude, we raise our mugs. Cheers to the past, the present, and the exciting future ahead. Thank you for 25 amazing years and let’s keep brewing memories together!

Say goodbye to the morning rush and hello to convenience with our new online ordering.

Our baristas still craft each beverage with care and precision, ensuring that every sip exudes the same rich flavor and warmth that has become our signature whether you choose to savor your drink in our cozy shop or enjoy them on-the-move using our online platform.

Now, you can easily order your favorite brew right from your phone, saving you precious time and giving you more moments to savor that perfect cup of coffee. But that’s not all! By downloading our app, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits like earning loyalty points with every purchase. Accumulate enough points, and you’ll be treating yourself to a delicious, steaming cup of coffee on us!  No more waiting in line, no more hassle – just the joy of enjoying your coffee exactly how and when you want it.   

BR Coffee Bean Cluster-19

Casper's Favorite Coffee Shop for over 25 Years

Serving up the perfect balance of flavor and satisfaction.

BR Coffee Bean Cluster-19

Specialty Food & Beverages

Discover your own java journey and explore what Blue Ridge has to offer! One of the food items that sets Blue Ridge apart from other cafes is our customer-favorite Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado, featuring always-fresh avocado topped with our signature house-made chicken salad.  When it comes to beverages, our customers favor our Peanut Butter Mocha — a delicious frozen blend of chocolate and real peanut butter. For those seeking an unexpected treat, try our Bourbon Caramel Cold Brew topped with Vanilla Cold Foam!

If your favorite type of coffee drink had a theme song, what would it be?


A simply fabulous breakfast delight made to order with any variety of toppings and ingredients, nestled between your choice of bagel or or croissant.

chicken salad stuffed avocado

A whole avocado cut in half, stuffed with our signature chicken salad. *Also available in half avocado.

croissant club

Your classic turkey, ham, bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a flakey buttery delight.

Caramel Macchiato

A vanilla latte with milk and espresso layered, not stirred, and caramel drizzle on top.

Bourbon Caramel Cold Brew

A refreshing and smooth blend of non-alcoholic bourbon flavoring and caramel, topped with vanilla cold foam.

Vanilla or Spiced Chai

A smooth, lightly caffeinated blend of flavors and spices, served iced, hot, or blended.

BR Coffee Bean Cluster-19

We Create Delicious Memories

Introducing the Brew Bus: The Ultimate Caffeination Station for Your Next Party!

Perk up your next event with the Blue Ridge Coffee Bus, a truly one-of-a-kind rental experience! Picture this: a charming and vibrant mobile coffee haven that rolls up to your special event, ready to fuel your guests with the caffeine they need to celebrate the night (or day) away.

BUs Reservation

With a dash of coffee-related puns, a pinch of ambiance, and a whole lot of bean love, the Blue Ridge Coffee Bus is the perfect choice to brew up unforgettable moments at your next gathering. Book now and let the caffeination celebration begin!

The bus is available for spring, summer, and early fall events.
BR Coffee Bean Cluster-19

What Our Customers Say

Great place. The coffee was top of the line. The staff was friendly and courteous, the young lady who waited on me was fast and prompt, and she even had suggestions on what to do in her City. All in all it was a great experience I suggest you go.

John Camfield Customer

We meet up here for coffee and breakfast twice a week. Quick service, helpful workers, healthy food and nice coffee. Hopefully it will re-open after all of this is over because it's a fantastic addition to Casper.

Amber Sanchez Customer

We meet here twice a week for coffee and breakfast. Fast service, friendly staff, clean, great coffee and food. Hope it re-opens when all this is over as it is a great addition to Casper.

Carolyn Goodrich Customer

Awesome little coffee shop! The food is wonderful, the coffee is great, and the atmosphere is perfect for getting some studying done! The prices are also quite reasonable.

Andrea Rosenberg Customer

Only coffee shop I go to best place in town!

Tasha Walks Customer

Always busy but the food and drinks are well worth the crowds. The place is local, and the ambience has an outdoor feel. But if you want a quiet place to sit and talk I wouldn't suggest here.

Laya Rodolph Customer